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Tanya Fruehe works as an Executive Assistant in the San Francisco office. Prior to joining TSG, Tanya supported Jerry Weissman the world’s number one corporate presentation’s coach, and prior worked as a Sales and Events Manager for Grill Concepts . Tanya earned a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Journalism with a minor in history from the University of California Irvine and a Master’s degree in History from California State University Long Beach.

Questions And Answers

How would you describe your working style?

My working style is best described as a multitasking guru who constantly asks, “How can I best help you? How can I use my skills and knowledge to help benefit our EA team, the team I support, our company as a whole and our portfolio companies?” I know that how I conduct myself in my role as an Executive Assistant every single day directly effects how efficient and successful my company can be, and I’m proud to have a hand in helping our company be as well-oiled, and successful as possible.

What attracted you to TSG?

What I find most attractive about TSG is working in an environment where there is true gender equality and equal representation of female leaders in management and leadership positions. It’s very motivating to see women be able to grow within the company and learn from one another. Having constant access to female mentors and seeing examples of successful women is invaluable.

What is your greatest accomplishment while working at TSG so far?

One of my greatest accomplishments is helping plan and execute our yearly TSG Digital Summit. It has grown 2x times the size from when I started. I truly enjoy planning all the details and watching it come to life. I thoroughly enjoy interacting and watching our portfolio companies learn and gain value from incredibly inspiring speakers in the digital space all while taking in the ease and awe Napa offers. The greatest compliment I received was by one of last year attendee’s, “The TSG Digital Summit was by far the most flawless, and smoothly executed conference I have ever attended.” I take great pride in knowing I was part of the planning team and our hard work paid off.