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Sarah works as front office coordinator. Prior to joining TSG, she worked in a similar role for a private mortgage company. She holds a degree in Human Development and Business Administration.

Questions And Answers

What brings you the most joy in your job?

My position allows me to help with an array of projects at one given time. I love that it allows me to not only learn about different aspects of the company, but also, allows for me to work with many different people and working styles. TSG is a truly fascinating company to work for. The culture, experience, and overall passion myself and everyone else in the company possess is truly unparalleled to any other experience.

What attracted you to TSG?

Not only was TSG an amazingly stunning place to spend my work week, I knew I was a consumer of so many trusted and well- known brands that TSG had acquired. Knowing I use and trust many of these brands, made me feel confident I was working for an honest company. Everyone I spoke to made me feel so welcome and I knew that the positive culture was going to make for a great working environment. 

What attracted you to the business of brand building?

I’ve always been interested in branding and marketing. I receive many calls a week in which people explain the business they have created or are currently working on. They speak with such passion about their products and company and it is amazing to see TSG be able to give companies the support they need to take their business to the next level of success. TSG is exposed to so many unique opportunities every week and it is truly amazing to watch the investment team pour so much diligence, passion, and creativity into each deal, while also including every member of TSG for feedback and advice. It makes for a strong, inclusive company.