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Sam works with our partner companies and is involved in due diligence of our investments.
Prior to joining TSG Consumer Partners, Sam was an investment banker at J.P. Morgan, where he advised retail, apparel and natural resources clients on complex debt financings and restructurings. Sam received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and French from Amherst College.

Questions And Answers

What was the first job you had?

What attracted you to TSG?
An exclusive focus on consumer, retail, and e-commerce combined with a demonstrated track record of anticipating trends, investing in those trends, and then partnering closely with portfolio companies to drive growth instead of just writing a check.

What makes TSG different than other places you’ve worked?
A diversity of backgrounds and mindsets that reflects the multifaceted nature of the consumer world. We have number crunchers, strategy experts, brand and marketing visionaries, world-class operators, you name it.

What attracted you to the business of brand building?
I appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of the brand-building process and the tangibility of the result. My educational and career experiences have touched on a number of different areas so far and I like how brand building similarly incorporates creativity, analytics, HR, strategy, etc. But I also like how all of that comes together to create a cohesive result that the public knows and loves.

What brings you the most joy in your job?
Learning! My job at TSG allows me to constantly learn about new companies and new ways of thinking about those companies. It’s not always easy, but it’s extremely rewarding

What are your greatest sources of inspiration?
New York City is awfully inspiring. There’s always someone smarter, more tasteful, more worldly, more interesting around the corner. I think that puts some people off, but it engages and motivates me.