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Michael works with our partner companies and is involved in originating, structuring and the due diligence of new investment opportunities.

Before joining TSG Consumer Partners, Michael was an investment banker with Jefferies & Company and Wachovia Securities, where he advised consumer and retail clients on a variety of transactions including mergers and acquisitions and debt and equity financings. Michael graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Accounting and minor in Economics from Arizona State University.

Questions And Answers

What was the first job you had? 
I delivered the weekly Pennysaver door–to-door. It was hard work for just over $7 per week.

What attracted you to TSG?
Prior to joining TSG, I was blown away by the consistent track record that TSG had in investing in and building great consumer brands. It was clear to me that TSG had a differentiated approach and a tremendous team which I knew would continue to partner with brands that would impact the world.

How has TSG’s culture helped drive the firm’s success?   
TSG has a “won’t lose” mentality and some of the hardest-working professionals with a range of backgrounds. As a result, TSG has been at the forefront of consumer trends and able to help our partner companies make strategic pivots when needed. The combination of hard work and unique perspectives from within TSG drives success.

What attracted you to the business of brand building? 
I love the art that is involved in building intangible brand value. Many business problems have one answer that can be derived with enough analysis, yet there is often not one right answer to building a brand and the means of building brands are changing constantly. Partnering with entrepreneurs to figure out how to be a step ahead of the competition is a challenge and very rewarding effort.