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Jennifer is responsible for originating new investment opportunities, diligencing new business opportunities, structuring transactions and working with our partner companies. She is also a member of the Investment Committee. 

Before joining TSG Consumer Partners, Jenny was a consultant at Bain & Company where she worked in several industries, including consumer products and retail, and across multiple practice areas including brand strategy, merger integration and organizational design. Jenny also worked in Bain's private equity practice, where she conducted strategic and operational due diligence for private equity clients. In addition, Jenny spent several months working in the Gap Brand strategy group. Jenny received a dual degree in Economics and Communications from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Questions And Answers

What was the first job you had?
I was an associate consultant at Bain & Company and was there for four years.

What attracted you to TSG?
I have always been extremely passionate about consumer brands, and TSG has a track record of identifying and partnering with groundbreaking brands that go on to become category leaders. I also loved TSG’s hands-on approach to working with partner company management teams. For me, that is the most exciting and rewarding part of what we do.

How would you describe your working style?
I am highly collaborative and really enjoy hearing the perspectives of my team. I love the diversity of talents and skillsets we have on the TSG team, and it’s so rewarding when we can combine our unique contributions to a project or investment to create a fantastic outcome.