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Gabe works with our partner companies and is involved in due diligence of our investments.

Prior to joining TSG Consumer Partners, Gabe was a consultant at Bain & Company, where he advised a variety of clients in private equity, consumer/retail, and technology.  Gabe received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

How has TSG’s culture helped drive the firm’s success? 
TSG’s approach to its investments revolves around co-creation; we work very directly with founders and entrepreneurs as true thought partners. TSG’s goal is not to invest and institute our blueprint for success, but rather to work with entrepreneurs to understand their goals and help achieve them. It’s a tremendously fun approach, as we learn as much from our partners as they do from us.

What attracted you to the business of brand building?
I like trying to put myself in the mind of a consumer and ask why I would buy a given brand’s products. What is it—about the brand history, the company mission, or the product itself—that would make me want to try it, and what would make me want to keep coming back in the future? Trying to predict just how special the sauce is behind a brand makes for a fun exercise.

What have you learned from working with entrepreneurs?
The challenges and obstacles to overcome in building a business from scratch are immense. A successful entrepreneur needs to demonstrate high levels of courage and conviction in his/her vision, and must be incredibly persistent and resilient to turn the vision into a reality. It has been a fantastic learning experience working alongside individuals that exhibit these qualities, and I hope to continue making an impact wherever I can. 

How would you describe your working style?
Collaborative and optimistic. I find the best ideas come when a few smart people get together and start bouncing ideas off of one another, and I get a ton of energy out of the ideation process. And I like to stay positive, even when times are tough—I’d rather focus on the successes that are right around the corner.