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Ed works with our partner companies and is involved in originating, structuring and the due diligence of new investment opportunities.

Before joining TSG Consumer Partners, Ed was with Falconhead Capital, a private equity fund focused on consumer, retail and media sectors. Prior to Falconhead, Ed was an investment banker at Citigroup, where he was also focused on consumer and retail industries. Ed received a Bachelor of Business Administration, with high distinction, from The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Questions And Answers

What was the first job you had? 
The first job I had was as an accounting intern at a credit union in New York City at the age of 15.

What attracted you to TSG? 
TSG is one of the premier firms in the private equity industry, and it is focused on the consumer and retail sectors, which are areas I wanted to continue focusing on. It is well known that TSG has a best-in-class track record, and based on what was publicly disclosed, partners with some of the most exciting brands. I wanted to be a part of that.

How has TSG’s culture helped drive the firm’s success?
TSG’s culture is one that is welcoming and encourages collaboration. I think this has helped drive the firm’s success because it encourages professionals of all levels to speak up and contribute, which, in turn, introduces creative ideas and a multitude of perspectives. This culture is also apparent in the diversity of backgrounds of the professionals, which includes consultants, investment bankers, executives, etc.



How do you build trust with entrepreneurs you’ve just started to work with?  
I think you build trust by carefully listening to your partners, keeping an open mind and truly understanding their business so you can quickly assess what the entrepreneurs are really good at and recognize where you can add the most value. Ultimately, if you can demonstrate you can be helpful to them in specific areas by delivering results, you will earn their trust.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
“Don’t be scared by what’s ahead; be confident, trust yourself and embrace it because you’ll likely be surprised by what your true capabilities are once you have the opportunity to showcase them.”