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Dan works with our partner companies and is involved in originating, structuring and the due diligence of new investment opportunities.

Before joining TSG Consumer Partners, Dan was with Wachovia Securities, where he advised consumer and retail clients across a variety of transactions including mergers and acquisitions and debt and equity financings. He graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Finance from Miami University.

Questions And Answers

What was the first job you had? 
Delivering the local newspaper.  It was a team effort with my sister.  A Nintendo claimed our early savings, with Paperboy naturally one of our first games.

What attracted you to TSG?
Its partnerships with great consumer brands.  How cool to grow professionally by helping to scale the same brands that I love and use personally.  Tough to top that, unless an invitation to play in the next Masters shows up in the mail.

How has TSG’s culture helped drive the firm’s success? 
Deep-rooted in our culture is a sense of humility and a mentality that our next investment is our reputation.  Our promise is to work tirelessly to help our partner companies realize their full potential.  We never rest on our laurels. 

What makes TSG different than other places you’ve worked? 
Top of the list is female colleagues.  Gender balance is rare in the investing world, and this balance provides valuable insights for us.  It’s impossible to understand the consumer mindset without diverse perspectives.

What have you learned from working with entrepreneurs? 
Company culture really matters.  Brands lose direction without it.  Having an empowered team that believes in the brand and vision is critical to the unpredictable entrepreneurial journey.

What brings you the most joy in your job? 
Feeling the same passion for a brand as the entrepreneurs that built it.  And watching new consumers become brand advocates just like us.  It’s amazing to see what our partner companies accomplish and humbling to help along the way.