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Alison works with our partner companies and is involved in due diligence of our investments.

Prior to joining TSG Consumer Partners, Alison was an investment banker at J.P. Morgan, where she advised consumer products and retail clients on a variety of transactions including mergers and acquisitions, as well as debt and equity financings. Alison received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard University.

What was the first job you had?
My first full-time role was at The Walt Disney Company in their Corporate Strategy & Business Development group. I decided to join that group at Disney, instead of going into traditional investment banking, because I wanted the opportunity to work on both internal consulting projects and M&A. Additionally, I was excited about working for one of the most respected global brands. While the role helped me develop practical professional skills, more importantly, it opened my eyes to the power of a brand, which has stayed with me.

What attracted you to TSG?
I always knew that I wanted to be in the consumer space, but my decision to join TSG was heavily influenced by the opportunity to work directly with great brands. I was also attracted to the caliber of the people that I would get to work with, both at TSG and at our portfolio companies. Given that the majority of consumer purchase decisions in the U.S. are made by women, TSG has been dedicated to ensuring that we have strong female representation at the firm, and I knew that my perspective would be relevant and ultimately valued.

What have you learned from working with entrepreneurs?
I have a deep respect for all of the entrepreneurs that we work with. Their distinct vision, passion, and unwavering dedication to their brands comes to life in different ways, but is a theme throughout our investments. The entrepreneurs that I have had a chance to work with directly have shown me how to dream big, when to know what you don’t know, and why an insatiable work ethic is required to stomach the ups and the downs that inevitably go along with building a brand from the ground up. 

How do you build trust with entrepreneurs you’ve just started to work with?
TSG has a phenomenal track record that often helps when we first connect with entrepreneurs early on. From there, we build trust by showing, not telling, how we can add value. We are always willing to roll-up our sleeves and work alongside our partners, whether they are entrepreneurs or management teams, which often leads to the most rewarding partnerships.

What brings you the most joy in your job?
I think people often assume that private equity is all about the numbers, but I have found the most rewarding part of being at TSG has been the opportunity to connect with the customer. While we are often digging into data to evaluate opportunities, we are also constantly thinking through strategic questions that require us to always have our hand on the pulse of our consumer.