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Alec works with our partner companies and is involved in due diligence of our investments.

Before joining TSG Consumer Partners, Alec was with Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division, working with Consumer and Retail clients across a variety of transactions including mergers and acquisitions as well as debt and equity financings. He graduated Cum Laude with a BBA in Finance and Economics from the University of Notre Dame.

Questions And Answers

What are the keys to building a successful brand?
Along with an impactful and quality product, a successful brand is one that is able to build a lasting impact and relationship with its consumer. We all want to be more than just a consumer – we want to feel a connection with the products and services that we choose to spend our time and money on. We can see this in the craft beer movement, the “eat local” movement, as well as with apparel companies that market the mission as much as they market their products.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Keep things in perspective and constantly be conscious of and grateful for all the good in life.





What was the first job you ever had?
Working at the local gas station in Victoria, Minnesota. Early mornings opening up and late nights closing down gave me an early understanding of the loose definition of “working hours”.

What attracted you to TSG?
The focus on consumer was the initial draw for me, as the consumer industry plays on the interaction between economics, psychology, marketing, and product development in ways that are fascinating and constantly evolving. TSG’s strong history of impressive partnerships with powerful, category-defining brands across the consumer and retail industries as well as the ability to consistently identify the next consumer trend shows a level of expertise that I was eager to become a part of. The focus, expertise, and partnerships that the team has fostered and the success that has followed all made TSG an extremely attractive team to join.