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About the Company

Founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou, ZOEVA is a fast-growing, emerging beauty brand headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Originally founded with the goal of creating superior, reasonably-priced makeup brushes, ZOEVA’s high-quality, affordable products coupled with its unique brand mission focused on female empowerment resonated with consumers and the brand quickly gained a cult following. ZOEVA has since leveraged its strong brand equity to successfully extend into a full range of color cosmetics products, and has established an increasing international presence, including at a number of the leading beauty retailers globally.

Our Partnership

We were impressed by ZOEVA’s incredible momentum in the marketplace, as the brand had created a rapidly growing base of passionate and loyal customers. We also shared Zoe’s greater vision for a mission-driven brand with the goal of empowering women around the world, inspiring confidence and perseverance through the brand’s products and messaging. Underpinned by the commonly shared interest to support women in need through a brand devoted to female empowerment, ZOEVA recognized TSG’s like mindset, deep beauty experience and successful track record in helping founder-led businesses achieve their goals. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with ZOEVA in early 2018.

Strategic Focus

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the beauty industry, we are working with ZOEVA on a number of initiatives to drive growth, including building out a world-class organization, strategically expanding global distribution, particularly in the US, optimizing operations and the supply chain, increasing investments in marketing to drive brand awareness, and creating an effective digital strategy including enhanced owned e-commerce capabilities. We are also partnering with ZOEVA to establish a charitable foundation in honor of Zoe’s mother with the goal of supporting women in need of help around the world.

Looking Ahead

“We are so excited to partner with TSG – it was the perfect combination from the first time we met. They share our vision and goals that go beyond just selling great products, but to also have a positive impact on women’s lives. We have had a lot of success on our own so far, but believe TSG can enable us to reach a new level by helping to optimize our global expansion strategy, particularly in the US, with their deep expertise in the beauty industry.”

– Zoe Boikou, Founder and CEO of ZOEVA