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About the Company

Glacéau pioneered the enhanced water category through its Vitaminwater®, Smartwater®, and Fruitwater® brands. These market-disrupting products offered consumers more flavor than bottled water and fewer calories than soft drinks, plus provided functional benefits through vitamin and mineral supplementation. And, of course they taste good. Originally available only on the East Coast, Glacéau's products are now sold in 26 countries.

Our Partnership

In 2003, we provided minority equity capital to the founder of Glacéau.

Strategic Focus

Prior to our investment, Glacéau had built a regional direct-store-distribution (DSD) network in the New York area and other Northeastern markets. Over the course of our partnership, we encouraged and facilitated Glacéau’s significant investment ahead of sales in building a national, independent DSD network.

Additionally, we helped open new geographies with innovative guerrilla marketing campaigns that drove consumer awareness and trial. We also developed relationships with prominent influencers, including 50 Cent (Formula 50 flavor) and Jennifer Aniston (advertising spokesperson) to further enhance brand appeal.

Demonstrated Impact

When we exited to the Tata Group in connection with a recapitalization of the company in 2006, sales had increased by seven times as compared to the year prior to our investment.