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About the Company

Popchips was formed in 2007 to create a new category of popped snacks that offered a delicious, guilt-free alternative to the unhealthy choices lining snack aisles. popchips® products have all the flavor and less than half the fat of fried chips. Popchips has been winning awards and acclaim since its launch, including “best snack” and “best chip” and was named one of “America’s hottest brands.” Today, the Los Angeles-based company’s products are sold in over 30,000 retailers across North America and the UK, and it boasts a roster of celebrity investors including Ashton Kutcher, Jillian Michaels, Katy Perry, and Heidi Klum. 

Our Partnership

In 2008, we partnered with the founders of popchips to provide minority equity capital to support the growth of the business and awareness of the popchips brand.

Strategic Focus

Working together, TSG and the popchips team focused on increasing brand and field marketing initiatives, expanding distribution, and launching new products. 

Demonstrated Impact

Over the course of our partnership, we worked to drive significant value by providing ongoing analytical support that informed strategic initiatives, such as product development, pricing, and distribution decisions. We also recruited senior executives and board members from diverse industries – such as beverages and entertainment –  to round out the popchips team.

For example, we recruited the former Vitaminwater CMO to its board of directors and advised popchips on how to replicate a Vitaminwater-like marketing and roll-out strategy to drive awareness and growth. Popchips enjoyed explosive growth under during our partnership, with branded sales growing almost twenty-fold before we exited in an equity recapitalization by a European investor, as the brand expanded its focus to overseas markets.