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About the Company

Founded in 2005, Lucky Vitamin is an online retailer of vitamins, minerals and supplements, natural / organic personal care and other health and wellness products.  The Company markets over 2,500 brands through its website providing both domestic and international consumers with a broad assortment of products and brands.  The multi-generational family business started in a pharmacy, transformed into a dynamic health foods store, and then evolved into a growing successful online player.


Our Partnership

We have been active investors in online retail with an investment thesis that companies can win in the increasingly competitive online channel by offering an attractive value proposition and a differentiated consumer experience.  Lucky Vitamin has been very successful to date by focusing on these two critical areas.  During our investment process, we developed a strong relationship with Founder and CEO Sam Wolf and were very aligned in our vision of how to take Lucky Vitamin to its next stage in evolution.  We are thrilled to partner with Sam in our investment which was completed in October 2017.

Strategic Focus

 We believe the Company has significant headroom for further growth, driven by increasing online penetration of VMS and health, wellness and personal care products, enhancements to the Company’s content strategy, increased investment in marketing, and further optimization of site user experience and functionality. 

Looking Ahead

“Sam is an industry innovator who has built the leading online destination for consumers dedicated to healthy living. Under Sam’s leadership, the Company has grown from a family-owned health food and wellness store into a global e-commerce destination for natural products, and we are thrilled to support the Company’s ongoing mission of helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to working alongside Sam and the rest of the LuckyVitamin team to further enhance the customer experience, strengthen its position in the marketplace, and help drive its next phase of growth to deliver a more premium experience to natural product consumers around the world.”

 Michael Layman, Managing Director