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About the Company

Founded in 2013 by Huda Kattan, HUDA Beauty is one of the fastest growing and largest independent prestige beauty brands globally. Huda Kattan is a leading beauty influencer and blogger who is galvanizing women around the world through her platform while cultivating a brand built on authenticity, trust and innovation.

Our Partnership

The HUDA Beauty brand stood out to TSG in a rapidly changing beauty industry for its disruptive, next-generation approach toward consumer outreach and product. The brand leverages Huda Kattan’s digital innovation to drive strong global brand awareness, unparalleled consumer engagement and an interactive new product development process that anticipates the latest trends. This has led to compelling consumer affinity and many highly successful product launches. When Huda was looking to take on a value-added investor, TSG’s appreciation of HUDA Beauty’s unique platform made for a natural partnership.

Strategic Focus

HUDA Beauty and TSG are working together across a range of initiatives to drive continued growth. The brand is predominantly sold through prestige beauty specialty retailers and third party eCommerce today. TSG is leveraging our beauty and digital expertise as HUDA strategically broadens distribution, expands its product lineup, enhances its owned eCommerce experience, and builds out a world-class team and operations.

Looking Ahead

“TSG understands exactly who we are as a brand and values our authenticity and close relationship with our customer. Huda Beauty has evolved from our beginnings as a nimble startup, and now enjoys sustained, exponential growth and we trust TSG to help us build on this momentum by expanding product assortments and distribution in the most thoughtful way. Our mission remains the same, and that is to make beauty something that everyone feels they are a part of—I want to tickle everyone’s beauty bone!”

– Huda Kattan, HUDA Beauty Founder and CEO